Chess Update Final

Boris lost. He drew the regular matches 6-6, but lost the tiebreak (sort of like losing on penalties in soccer) 1.5/2.5. Vishy lived up to his reputation as a master of the fast format game, although Boris came close to causing an upset. But it was not to be.

There’s a decent report here and here.

“It’s always nice when people support you in your country and I heard it was really big support. It’s important that this moment will be kept and chess will get [a] better position in society. Chess is on the very low stage today. We had many talented players but people were telling them ‘it is not a profession, it is just [a] waste of time, you should get another job.’ As a result we lost few generations of players. We have a few professional chess players left in the country. I do hope hundreds of thousands [of] children will learn how to play chess and we will see top tournaments in our country and such [a] profession will be able to exist in Israel.”