Another win for Boris?

Tomorrow – Friday 11 May 2012 – the World Chess Championship starts in Russia.

Vishy Anand

The reigning champion is Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand of India, and the challenger for his title is the Russian born Israeli,  Boris Gelfand.

Boris Gelfand

Anand is the favorite, with much more experience at the very top of world chess, and a substantial rating superiority – 2791 against 2727. (As at the time of writing, that difference equates to Anand being rated number 4 and Gelfand being rated number 22 in the world. See here.) However, Gelfand is a fighter, and has proven his mettle by getting to this stage; I don’t expect him to go down without a fight, even though Anand and he are quite friendly. It would be a terrific coup for Israel if Boris were able to pull of a miracle win.

There’s a pictorial report about the pre tournament venue inspection, on the Chessbase site. And there’s also an official tournament site (from whence came the awful player pictures).

Good luck Boris!