Twenty’s plenty

The Times of Israel has a topical and entertaining piece by Judith Lash Balint about the the forthcoming Pesach festival, called Twenty signs of Passover in Israel. It gives a good, wide-ranging, look at many (but not all) aspects of Pesach (Passover) in Israel. I particularly enjoyed this nugget:

14. Israel’s chief rabbis sell the nation’s hametz to one Hussein Jabar, a Muslim Arab resident of Abu Ghosh. Estimated worth: $150 billion, secured by a down payment of NIS 100,000. Jabar took over the task some 15 years ago, after the previous buyer, also from Abu Ghosh, was fired when it was discovered his maternal grandmother was Jewish.

(For an explanation about selling chametz (or hametz), see here.)

It is also worth highlighting that poverty is a real issue for too many people in Israel – low salaries and high prices for food and other basic needs are a major factor – and it’s good that the article reminds readers of the situation.