The Killing Song – P J Parrish

Setting: USA and Europe; mostly Paris.

Story: Matt Owens is an alcoholic journalist. His younger sister comes to visit, is mysteriously transported out of a packed club, and killed. The only clue is an unusual song on her Ipod. Matt must overcome his addiction, and a cast of cardboard characters, to track down the killer. Because – and this will come as a shock, dear reader – this killer has done it before!

Good Stuff: It’s got a good title. What else? There’s a good idea hiding somewhere amid the dross.

Not So Good Stuff: The characterization is lifeless. I did not care for any of the main participants. The backdrops are woefully mishandled and add nothing to the story. The plot is so watery, you’ll be desperately reaching for the Robinson’s Barley Water. It’s a race to finish the book before total and utter boredom sets in. You may need a stiff drink afterwards.

Score: 2/10 (One for each sister.)