Tanks for that

While out on a family excursion this holiday, I heard an interesting story about recycling in Israel…
The background is that scrap metal has been growing in value, thus making spare bits which are lying about attractive to scavengers. And making bits which are not lying about – but visible – attractive to entrepreneurs thieves. This is a worldwide situation – I heard numerous tales of gutters, pipes and drain covers being liberated in the UK. It’s not unknown in Israel.

It appears that certain tribesmen in Israel have taken to getting hold of a 4×4 two-seater buggy. They wait till a tank comes onto the firing range, and every time the tank fires, retrieve the shell case. They are on an army firing range, with live ammunition being fired, scavenging spent shell cases!┬áIt’s unbelievable. So much so, I wonder if it’s an urban myth.