She’s got a ticket to ride

[Also posted on the Raanana Boardgames Group site.]

This week’s session was a pre-Pesach bonus, but although there were a couple of stalwarts engaged elsewhere – playing the ancient game of  Let’s Get Ready For Pesach – there were five players and several kibitzers. 

Laurie, Nir, Ofer, Rochelle and I started the night with 7 Wonders. It was the first time out for Rochelle, so she struggled a bit at the start, but was well into the game by the end. In this demanding, high-level game of skill, tough decision making and asset management*, my Guild card combinations and modest military campaign brought me the win. Nir was not that far behind, and Rochelle was the best of the rest. Ofer and Laurie finished in the top five…

(*As is any game that I win.)

We played 7 Wonders again. This time, Nir’s Science cards brought him the win just a measly two points ahead of Ofer, who was two points ahead of me and five ahead of Laurie. Rochelle, who now understood the game – and seemed to like it a lot – finished in the top five last. That’s what understanding get’s you! Anyway, a good win by Nir, who had a plan and stuck to it.

For the final game, we played Ticket to Ride Asia. The map for this version is very tight, and the impression was of a much more cut throat game. (Unfortunately, I was one of those who had his throat cut.) The major tweak to the standard mechanics is that some routes have mountain spaces. For each mountain space, you have to discard a train piece, though you do get 2 points for each such discard. I was in the lead until we scored tickets. Then everybody overtook me, except for poor Ofer who suffered around a thirty point loss for incomplete tickets. The top three were Laurie, Nir and Rochelle. Even Nir’s impressive haul of long tickets and multiple connections couldn’t catch Rochelle, who seems to have magical powers when it comes to completing Ticket to Ride tickets. Well done Rochelle!

That’s it till after Pesach, though there is the Jerusalem games day for those who can fit it into their festive diaries.

Chag sameach!