Clean machine

My route home takes me past one major highway service station. I normally reach it after having battled through the regular traffic jams at the preceding two junctions, so it’s a welcome landmark. Tonight, however, there was an extra mini traffic jam at the service station, with a queue so long that about half a dozen cars were tailing back on to the main road. (Very dangerous, but this is Israel.)

Unlike what poor Brits have recently experienced – where there was a spell of panic buying of petrol, because of a threatened tanker drivers’ strike – the queue was not for petrol, but for the car wash. Why? Pesach starts tomorrow night, and people are rushing to get their cars cleaned in good time.

(One of my work colleagues told me that in parts of the USA where there are sizeable Jewish communities, the prices for car valet and cleaning services rise in the week before Pesach. It’s that good old economic law of supply and demand.)

Fortunately for us, Susan is well organized, and arranged long ago for our cars to be cleaned at the house this week, so they are now spic and span (and chametz free) and ready for the holiday. (You could say, there are aspects of Pesach which are like a turbo charged version of spring cleaning!)

We’re almost there…