Bad, deluded, and spiteful

Who is bad, deluded, and spiteful? The BDS crew: those who promote the campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

What to do about them?

One recommendation I have is to keep a watch on the Divest This! web site. It is an excellent source of informed, well written articles about the BDS movement and its many failures. Yes, I did write (and mean) failures. If you think BDS has had successes, you surely need to go there now for the facts behind the (often plainly wrong) headlines.

It’s thanks to the Divest This! site that I can point to the bizarre story of events at McGill University, Canada, where during Israel Apartheid Week:

The group McGill Friends of Israel (MFI) had to change the name of its “Israel A-Party” event last week because the university’s student union said it constituted “a mockery and/or trivialization of various oppressions some people of the world are subject to on a day-to-day basis.”

Divest This! describes it as follows:

…pro-Israel students parodying the local Israel Apartheid Week by throwing an event called “Israel: A Party” (I know, fairly lame), got hauled before the student council and had their funding threatened unless they changed that name. In other words, one group of students was free to hold a week of events under the label “Israel Apartheid” that accused Israelis and their supporters of the ugliest crimes in history while another group of students was threatened for even considering a slightly mocking version of that same phrase.

This is not about BDS; it’s about free speech and freedom of expression. One side will let the other make its argument, no matter how wrong that argument is in substance and intent. The other side is scared of ridicule, of mockery. Their arguments cannot take the clear light of open debate and free discussion, nor resist the well wielded weapon of wit. There is a name for those who claim to be liberal or left-leaning – supporters of human rights – who deny others their human rights. But, for now, I’ll content myself with calling them hypocrites.