A Conflict of Interest – Adam Mitzner

Setting: New York and Florida, USA.

Story: Alex Miller is a litigation partner in a New York mega law firm, who takes on a family friend (accused of securities fraud) as a client. But this case is unlike any he has been involved in before, and the shocking finale turns out somewhat differently, too.

The Good Stuff: This is a well plotted, well paced, highly readable, page-turner. Miller’s trials and tribulations (!) as the case unfolds, draw the reader in because the author knows his stuff, even if it is his first book. There is the right combination of legal procedure and other twists to ratchet up the tension, and the characterization – especially of Miller and his client – is streets above the cardboard cutouts that normally inhabit this territory. In short, this is a goodie.

The Not So Good Stuff: Mitzner is a first rate storyteller, but the writing won’t win prizes for high literature (as if the author cared). The only part of the story that creaks, however, has to do with Miller’s relationship with his (legal) associate. Parts of it did not convince me. However, these were not significant.

Score: 8/10