Boris v Ken

On 3 May 2012, there will be an election for the Mayor of London. Apart from the political clout which goes with being the boss of one of the world’s top cities, the winner will get the bonus of the extra shine from hosting the Summer Olympics. The contenders are:

  • Boris Johnson (Conservative, current Mayor)
  • Ken Livingstone (Labour, former Mayor)
  • Brian Paddick (Liberal Democrat)

One current issue is tax, and especially tax avoidance by those who can afford it. As you might expect, this falls right in the center of Ken Livingstone’s sights, and he has been freely castigating rich bankers, greedy businessmen and the like at every opportunity.

Not any more.

It appears that Ken’s own tax affairs are arranged so that his earnings are paid to a limited company, not him personally, netting him a guesstimated saving of almost a thousand pounds a week. (See here for details.) Can Ken spell hypocrite?

If that were not bad enough, the excellent Guido Fawkes blog site reports that another of Ken’s campaigning promises was to do something which the law does not permit. Oh dear. This is all brilliantly summarized by Guido in the following terms:

Ken: the candidate with limited powers and a limited company…