Blood, sweat, and frogs

The disruption caused by our moves has meant Susan and I have not been out for a real night ride for months. This week we managed to get out at last, hitting our regular route to the marina at Herzliya.

We both forgot, until we got going, that our new home is that bit further away from the marina. It didn’t seem that far in the car, but when we were relying on your own pedal power after a long day of activity, it was so much longer! We both paced ourselves, and fortified by a calorie intake (coffee and sandwich) at the marina, we arrived home not too much the worse for wear. It was a good first ride of the season.

However, although it was our regular route, there was one slight diversion, and a real stand-out, memorable moment. They have built a new wildlife area in Herzliya, with cycle routes through there. As we cycled through, on each side of us was a wall of sound from the frogs. It was as if we were in a football stadium full of fans, making their passions heard. Except the fans were frogs. Of course, you have to experience it to fully understand the impact, but it truly was unique. Neither Susan nor I have experienced that before, but are looking forward to repeating it.

A timely new sensation to remind us both of the forthcoming Pesach (Passover) festival. (Why? See here, for example.)

Shabbat Shalom to one and all.