Silent majority?

Today’s print edition of the Jerusalem Post has the following headline (for a small story at the bottom of page 5):

TA rally against Israeli attack on Iran musters 24 protestors

Twenty four? Most people around here, when they hear 24 think of an all American action hero TV series. They may need to rethink: 24, the Israeli record for smallest attendance at a political rally. Come back the Judean People’s Front – all is forgiven! (Or was it the Judean Popular People’s Front?)

What’s the real conclusion? Is it that the overwhelming majority in Israel – silent or otherwise – agree Israel should attack Iran to prevent it acquiring nuclear weapons? Or, do those opposed believe the argument has been lost and there is no point in protesting? Or, are the rally organizers – including Combatants for Peace, the Israeli Disarmament Movement, and Pacifist Optimist Cardplayers and Knitters* – political irrelevancies and lightweights? Or, was there bad weather? And, regardless, will this report feature in the mainstream Western media?

It’s that old Chinese curse again: may you live in interesting times.

Shabbat Shalom!

*Joke. Well, I think it is…