Power to the people!

[Also posted at the Ra’anana Boardgames Group site.]

We had six for this week’s session and decided not to split, but to play a single game of Power Grid. 

We played on the map of France. This is dominated by Paris (with three cities to power, and no connection costs) and – allegedly – nuclear power. For example, there are extra uranium supplies available at the start, one non nuclear power plant is removed from the deck, and the number 11 nuclear plant is at the top of the draw pile.

Laurie grabbed Paris, built all 3 connections, and seemed to have established a nice flow of cash. However, she chose not to build more cities at the same speed as the leaders of the pack, and that probably cost her the chance of being in contention. This was a shame, as she had accumulated a high capacity collection of power plants.

Daniel was a more aggressive builder than Laurie, but this left him short of cash for the crucial endgame, and that ruled him out.  He was a bit unlucky in that he seemed to always be in competitive bidding situations for the power plants he wanted, and that may have contributed.

Nadine and Yehuda were very much in with a shout of victory, right up to the end. Both built steadily and slowly, and matched this with a gradual acquisition of good power plants. Yehuda, especially, seemed to be in the right place at the right time to acquire what power plant he wanted without too much competition.

(It’s worth highlighting what a gentleman Yehuda was towards Nadine. On several occasions, he offered good advice which was to her material benefit. This was fine, unselfish behaviour from Yehuda, and if there had been an award for gamesmanship of the good type, he would have won it. As it turned out, that would have been all he would have won, but you cannot have everything.)

Abraham played a near perfect game. (He told me this at the end of the evening.) He acquired a great combination of nuclear and resource free power plants, and carefully and cannily built his cities in all the right places to block his competitors. When it came to the sprint for the first line, he won with a well timed building spree: most cities and highest powering capability. Well done, Abraham.

Me? I finished in the top six…