Get on your bike

I was at the Nokia stadium in Tel Aviv, today, for a work event. I did not fancy the drive in to the city, so decided to take the train. Unfortunately, there’s no station in Ra’anana, but Hod HaSharon is only a short drive away with plenty parking and that’s the route I chose.

There was one moment of panic. I listened to the news on the car radio and heard some words I understood to mean: strike, railway, and last night. Luckily, whatever industrial strife had taken place had settled by this morning, and the trains were running on time. Well, close to on time.

There are two train stations in Tel Aviv about the same distance from the stadium, and I chose to get off at the one called HaShalom because I know the area a little bit. The weather was fine: dry, sunny, but not too hot. And it was a pleasant walk. (It turned out to have been a smart move as many work colleagues, who had decided to drive in, were caught in horrendous jams to get into the stadium car park!) It would have been an easy bike ride, but I have not quite worked out yet how to get my bike on to the train, legally. That challenge awaits. Meantime, as you can see from this picture of the scene outside the station, two wheeled transport is popular.

Outside HaShalom Railway Station, Tel Aviv

Here’s a closeup of that red sign you can see.

Sign Outside HaShalom Railway Station, Tel Aviv

What can I say?