For the times they are a-changin’

One of my favorite political writers is David Horovitz, former Jerusalem Post editor. While I probably share much of his worldview, it’s his writing I admire. Even when there were editorials in the Post that I disagreed with, the quality of his prose was worthy of admiration. I was sad when he left the Post – and I do not envy the challenge facing his successor Steve Linde – but now I can celebrate Horovitz’s return at the heart of a new venture: The Times of Israel.

As he says in this article, The Times of Israel is a:

“…determined effort by killed, committed journalists, to report Israel, the region and the Jewish world accurately and engagingly.”

Horovitz can be trusted to deliver quality. (The site design itself makes a small statement in that regard by having no popup advertising.) And he has opened the venture to a wide range of writers and opinions already.

In short, this is the best media news in Israel for a while. Maybe the new competition in town might even get the other English language news websites to buck up their ideas.