Elder of Ziyon

[Note: this post was originally a separate page: Heroes. I have recreated it as a post as part of a blog reorganization, allowing more to join the ranks.]

First among equals? It’s got to be the incomparable blogger Elder of Ziyon. In a nutshell, this is the best pro Israel blog on the planet.

He posts an enormous amount of material to an incredibly high standard. His content is excellent, matched only by his commentary – a mix of serious analysis, occasional indignation, and a measure of humor. I may not agree with everything he posts, but I do want to read it all. And, to add to his standing, take a look at the hasbara material he has produced. His anti-apartheid posters, for example, put the professionals to shame. (This is not intended to belittle amateurs, but a mark of respect for somebody who gets more done – and makes more of an impact – in his spare time, than many of those who work in the field.) If it were up to me, the Israeli Government would be putting him on the payroll; who knows what he could achieve with a full time focus!

Another example of his material is his Goldstone coverage. Behind the headlines, behind the rubbish from much of the mainstream media, the Elder’s material was outstanding.

I have no connection with the Elder. As far as I know, I have never met him. (He keeps his identity off the web.) But, from his blog, I feel I know him as a caring, compassionate, and honest advocate for Israel and the Jewish People. In short, a mensch. As far as I am concerned, if you love Israel, you have got to love the Elder of Ziyon.