Down in the sewers

The next time somebody screams about Palestinians being short changed when it comes to water resources, you might want to bear in mind the following from a Jerusalem Post report:

Swirling in the strikingly green valley below the southern Samaria community of Nofim is a rambling stream amid grass and trees – filled with dangerous quantities of sewage.

A subterranean sewage pipe connects to the underbellies of four of the five surrounding settlements – Nofim, Yakir, Etz Ephraim and Sha’arei Tikva – and will within a few months also connect to that of Ma’aleh Shomron, bringing all of the effluent to a treatment facility in Eliyahu.

Despite Israeli offers to connect the 22 surrounding Palestinian villages to the same pipe, all but one of them refused the proposal, Environmental Protection Ministry and Shomron Regional Council officials explained during an exclusive tour of the area on Thursday.

Instead, their sewage flows into the aquifer below and ends up directly in the stream, according to the officials.

[Emphasis added.]

Why this state of affairs?

Yet a third official told the Post he suspected that the local Palestinian governments were unwilling to connect their villages due to “political reasons” – simply “because they don’t want to recognize Israel as a presence in the area.”

It’s called “cutting your nose off to spite your face”. It’s irresponsible, juvenile. and worthy of condemnation. But there will be none (or there will be excuses) because it does not fit the mainstream viewpoint that everything Israel does is bad, and everything the Palestinians do is good.