Are you being served?

Israel is not a land known for its outstanding customer service, and with good reason. However, to be fair, it’s made huge strides over the last twenty or so years, and the food and entertainment industry, in particular, does quite well.

However, I have also experienced surprises of good customer service which tend to make me stop, think, and appreciate.

For example, this morning I took our VW Golf to the GGG garage in Ra’anana (where we bought it) because one of the back lights had stopped working. I arrived without an appointment, and was seen straight away; the mechanic took the car away to replace the bulb, and brought it back all in good working order. There was some waiting, which was reasonable as I had made no booking, and they seemed pretty busy. I asked how much it was – girding myself for the answer in expectation of the worst – and was told there was nothing to pay. Surprise! (The car is over 2 years old, is well out of warranty, and I fully expected to pay for a replacement bulb and maybe some labour.) No charge?! Thank you GGG, for making a great start to my day with a fine piece of customer service. Could this be a sign of better things to come?