There’s a guest in my house


Who let R Dean Taylor in?

Darin Leviloff claims the prize as the first wargaming guest in my new home. To celebrate, we had dinner and then broke out a new game: No Retreat. Darin had played it before, so he taught me the rules and then we played through the first four turns. It’s a GMT game about the Second World War campaign in the East, which brings one or two tweaks, bells and whistles to this well covered topic. For example, there are cards, though it is not a card driven game. The scenario ends after five turns, but we ran out of time as we started late and had long pauses for discussion about the game, gaming, and the world’s ills.


When we stopped, however, it seemed well balanced; the Germans were going to have to take Moscow in the next turn, and their units were starting to show a little wear and tear from the campaign. There is a solitaire module out there, somewhere (probably with Victory Point Games, where it started life). However, I hope to get another chance to play this face to face.

Talking about face to face, it was great to see Darin again. We met the last time I was in California for a family simcha. He’s been on a mid-east tour that had a punishing schedule, so I hope the gaming break was worth the effort. My kids were joking that “Dad was having a friend over for a sleepover.”