In a roundabout way…

Have a look at this picture:


"Where did I leave my car?"

Susan took this picture in Ra’anana, near one of the many small corner stores. It was close to Shabbat and people were rushing home. Some were doing last minute shopping.

On the left side, you will see the traffic sign for a roundabout. The orange colored car is parked on the roundabout. Not parked near the roundabout, beside the roundabout, or just off the roundabout. On. The. Roundabout.

As we approached, the driver returned to the car with his purchases, drove off, and left the scene of the crime. To put this in perspective, on the other side of the shop, there is a large parking area. It was not full. But this driver thought it was preferable to park on the roundabout. I just don’t get it. Probably just as well.