Dead center of town

I can only recall my late mother ever cracking one joke. As she drove my brother and me into one of the Ayrshire coastal towns on a Sunday outing, she said: “We’re just passing the dead center of town.” I looked through the passenger window and saw a cemetery…

I was reminded of this when a work colleague described being a manager in a certain company as being like walking around a cemetery: you have lots of people under you, but none of them are talking to you…

And finally, one friend overheard this conversation between two old men in the street in Ra’anana.

“I’ve started visiting the cemetery every Friday.”


“I am trying to get used to the place. After all, it’s where I’ll end up, sooner or later.”

And with that dose of real life, it’s time to get ready for the week ahead. Shavuah Tov!