Tower Heist

In short: it’s about the revenge scheme of a group of victims of a Bernie Madoff type character. Swindled out of their pensions, the employees of the tower block in which the villain lives, plot a way to get their money back.

Good Stuff: Ben Stiller is perfectly cast as the building manager turned criminal, and is ably supported by a fine set of perfromances by the rest of the crew. Alan Alda is deliciously believable as the real bad guy, Eddie Murphy does his usual (but with retraint, and it works) and Casey Affleck, Michael Pena, Matthew Broderick and Stephen Henderson are terrific. The love interest FBI Agent (played by Tea Leoni) is also well done; not too sloppy, not too much veering towards Sex in the City, and not too serious. And although the plot has (inevitably) some holes, the action is delivered with almost perfect timing. From the moment the film started till the end, there was never a dull moment; comedy, action and suspense combining for just a wonderful night out at the pictures. To put it another way, entertainment – pure and simple.

The Not So Good Stuff: Surprisingly little. The final couple of twists are a stretch too far of credulity, and the plot’s loose ends could make you a sizeable piece of rope. But if you don’t take the film too seriously it won’t matter. (Don’t take it too seriously; it’s just entertainment.)

Query: Tower Heist or Ocean’s Eleven?