The miracle of the light

The everlasting light

It’s about moving into a new home. A newly built home. It’s about not trying to get upset by the bits the builder has not quite got round to. And it’s about not being bothered by the constant river of workmen, coming to deal with the cooker, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the television, the alarm system, the lighting, the electrics, the phone, the internet, the banister, and more. It’s about not being irritated by the return visits of these workmen who forgot a cable, an adapter, a measuring tool, a connector or whatever, on their previous visit. It’s about not going crazy. Welcome to Chanukah 5772 in the Simpson household!

But, there’s more: a true Chanukah miracle of light.

Take a look at the picture at the top of this post. What do you see? Yes, a light. It’s an outside light on the balcony, above the barbecue. Very handy. Up until Chanukah, there was no bulb in that light, so it was not on. Susan’s preparations for our Chanukah mini barbecue, put in a bulb. And on came the light. So far, so good, and so normal.

So, everyone goes home and we finish tidying up. I go to turn off the outside light, having cleared away the barbecue area. Only one problem: I cannot see a switch outside. Oh, it must be inside. I go inside and hunt for the switch. [Note for the uninitiated: electricians in Israel are not allowed, by law, to put light switches in the closest and most logical place for their respective light. If you think this is a joke, or a myth, come and visit.] I hunt and I hunt and I hunt. I give in and ask Susan where the switch is. In which distant part of the house is the switch located? Answer: unknown. All switches have been tried and none turn off the light. It’s a Chanukah miracle – the light with no switch… Let’s see if it burns for eight days. Meantime, we lit candles tonight and, all joking apart, counted our blessings.