Session Report – 6 December 2011

[Report by Laurie.] Yehuda arrived 15 minutes early which enabled us to sneak in a game of Race for the Galaxy. My start world was Epsilon Eridani, which gave me one military point and a VP and a card as a consuming power. Yehuda started with a Novelty Goods production world. We both developed Drop Ships for three additional military points. The military worlds I settled gave me more military points so I could lay down a couple of higher-point military worlds. Fortunately, Galactic Trendsetters, turned up in my hand a few rounds before game end, so for a couple of rounds I earned six victory points and a card when consuming. Yehuda consumed on a Gene world and had a windfall world with an additional power to rake in more cards so his overflowing hand could purchase Galactic Federation and finally a five-VP Alien production word. It wasn’t enough to match my consuming so the victory points ran out when our tableaux had nine cards each. We ended the game at 40 points for Laurie and 38 for Yehuda.

Then we turned to Agricola, a first play for Rochelle, Daniel and Laurie. The explanation took a while, but not as long as the tedious gameplay by us newbies who needed to scrutinize each improvement card to figure out our possible actions. During the nearly-four-hour game, Rochelle raked in ample bonus grains, Laurie and Yehuda renovated to stone homes, everyone but Daniel baked to feed our families, and everyone but Rochelle expanded families to four people. It helped that Daniel and Laurie had hearths to slaughter and roast our animals. In the end Daniel and Yehuda built pastures that took up 40% of their game boards. Daniel followed to the letter Yehuda’s advice to diversify, which gave him a five-point game bonus for leaving no board space uncovered and for owning every breed (more than a dozen animals!) and resource at game end. The bonus came from one of Yehuda’s improvement cards, and sadly Yehuda wasn’t able to plow enough fields at game end to cover his board. Daniel won with 34 points, Yehuda scored 29, Laurie 26 and Rochelle 22.