Session Report – 29 November 2011

This session report kindly provided by Laurie and Daniel. [With editorial contributions by Ellis.]

We set up a pick-up-and-deliver game about farming in Mallorca as all the players slowly trickled in. [No, I cannot remember the name of the bloody game, either!] By start time, we had six players for the four-player game. Tal and Yehuda formed one team, Daniel and Laurie another, and Peleg and Ellis played on their own. We each set our farmers on a rondel which formed the base for our turn movement. Each turn we picked up fruit or delivered it. The pieces – brightly-colored wooden grapes, oranges, lemons, olives, figs and almonds – never entirely ran out, which would have forced the players to return their pieces to the draw pile. Instead, the main competition centered on winning tiles for fruit delivered and earning the tile representing one of the ten regions on the board’s map by having the most of the specific fruits pictured on the tile.

Daniel and Laurie made the most deliveries and scored a seven-point bonus for earning fruit delivery cards covering the range from one to six fruits. Yehuda and Tal used all their special action tiles to pick up more fruit and make a bigger delivery. Peleg and Tal left the game before it ended. The final scores were Daniel and Laurie 62, Ellis 43, Yehuda and Tal 42, and Peleg 22.

[Not bad. A bit of a bland theme, but the mechanics were interesting.

Then we turned to cards. We played a fast-paced game of Dominion, slowed down only by Laurie’s unfamiliarity with the game as it was her second play. Daniel, Laurie and Yehuda played a lot of Moats to thwart many attacks from Ellis. Yehuda played several Laboratory cards, Daniel played a lot of Mines, and everyone Remodeled. Ellis played several curses that resulted in the rest of the players ending with a few negative points. [The only thing that went right for me in this game.] The final scores were Yehuda 37, Daniel 30, Laurie 25 and Ellis 8. [And I was lucky to get 8.]