Happy Chanukah!

In Israel, you don’t have to be Jewish, and you don’t have to be religious, to know that Chanukah is on its way. For several weeks before the festival, there is an invasion of donuts. In the supermarkets, in the shopping malls, in the coffee shops – everywhere – donuts, donuts, donuts. There is no escape. Such is the depth of the invasion, that shops selling them put extra tables outside their premises, loaded with the enticing, round, calorie bombs. The aisles are alive with the scent of donuts! And every taste is catered for: with chocolate, with custard, with jam, or with chocolate, custard and jam; fried, baked, big holes, small holes, no holes, whatever…

So, when Chanukah comes (tonight’s the first night), some people – especially those trying to watch their weight – can celebrate for a different reason. Happy Chanukah means we are nearly at the end of the donut invasion! Not long now before that nasty, effective temptation is removed.

If you celebrate it, Happy Chanukah. If not, festive greetings. Here’s hoping 2012 is a year of peace, prosperity and health for us all.