Going deep

Simply stunning view

One of the things I miss from Scotland is the mountain biking. The facilities in Israel are not as well developed, though there is a huge interest in the sport, and new bike shops seem to keep opening up. And while we do not have the unbeatable natural resources of Scotland – mainly the Forestry Commission forests and mountains – there is some great riding to be done here. We have only scratched the surface. Part of that scratching was done last month in Mitzpe Ramon.

We spent the weekend in Mitzpe Ramon, cycling on the Friday around part of the crater which is the central feature of that part of the world. It is starkly beautiful, peaceful and awe inspiring all at the same time. The cycling is very rocky and while you can hire bikes quite easily, you will get more out of the ride if you can take your own. The paths are reasonably well marked, but so long as you have the crater in mind, you should not get lost too easily!

It's a long way down...

We went with Peter and Anne Berkeley, old friends from Glasgow, and started the ride in Glasgow fashion. Yes, it was raining. I loved that part. But it cleared up, and the weather for most of the ride was dry and cool. Next time I am taking my SLR. (The pictures here are from my phone.)

Wall at the bike hire facility

Mitzpe Ramon is a small place, but it now features one of Israel’s top hotels – Beresheet – which is a hell of a gamble by Isrotel, but great for visitors looking for 6 star luxury. For those of a different budgetary disposition – myself included – there are, fortunately, a few other good and reasonably priced places to stay. I’m sure we’ll be heading back there before too long.