The miracle of the light

The everlasting light

It’s about moving into a new home. A newly built home. It’s about not trying to get upset by the bits the builder has not quite got round to. And it’s about not being bothered by the constant river of workmen, coming to deal with the cooker, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the television, the alarm system, the lighting, the electrics, the phone, the internet, the banister, and more. It’s about not being irritated by the return visits of these workmen who forgot a cable, an adapter, a measuring tool, a connector or whatever, on their previous visit. It’s about not going crazy. Welcome to Chanukah 5772 in the Simpson household!

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The Preacher – Camilla Lackberg

Kennedy Karlsson believed that it had all started with his name. There wasn’t really much else to blame it on. … No, it was all about the name. He assumed that she [his mother] wanted to call attention to herself and show that she had been out in the big world, even though she came home with her tail between her legs. He would always be a reminder of that. So she never missed a chance to tell someone that her eldest son was named after John F Kennedy, ‘because during her years in the USA she had admired that man so much.’ He wondered why she couldn’t have simply named him John, in that case.

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Happy Chanukah!

In Israel, you don’t have to be Jewish, and you don’t have to be religious, to know that Chanukah is on its way. For several weeks before the festival, there is an invasion of donuts. In the supermarkets, in the shopping malls, in the coffee shops – everywhere – donuts, donuts, donuts. There is no escape. Such is the depth of the invasion, that shops selling them put extra tables outside their premises, loaded with the enticing, round, calorie bombs. The aisles are alive with the scent of donuts! And every taste is catered for: with chocolate, with custard, with jam, or with chocolate, custard and jam; fried, baked, big holes, small holes, no holes, whatever…

So, when Chanukah comes (tonight’s the first night), some people – especially those trying to watch their weight – can celebrate for a different reason. Happy Chanukah means we are nearly at the end of the donut invasion! Not long now before that nasty, effective temptation is removed.

If you celebrate it, Happy Chanukah. If not, festive greetings. Here’s hoping 2012 is a year of peace, prosperity and health for us all.

You’ve got to laugh

At the beginning of the month, due in no small part to the efforts of Lenny Wolfe, there was an evening of Scottish Humour held at the St Andrew’s Scottish Guest House in Jerusalem. After a swift tour of the place, enhanced by Lenny’s unique historical perspective, there was a buffet supper – fish and chips! – and entertainment. Continue reading

Going deep

Simply stunning view

One of the things I miss from Scotland is the mountain biking. The facilities in Israel are not as well developed, though there is a huge interest in the sport, and new bike shops seem to keep opening up. And while we do not have the unbeatable natural resources of Scotland – mainly the Forestry Commission forests and mountains – there is some great riding to be done here. We have only scratched the surface. Part of that scratching was done last month in Mitzpe Ramon. Continue reading

Session Report – 13 December 2011

With a week away from my regular fix of gaming due to the house move, I was really looking forward to the return to the group and gaming. I was not disappointed. Although I came nowhere near winning any of the games I played in, I left Laurie and Daniel’s house on a high. I had a great night. I enjoyed myself. I had fun. That is what it’s all about. Continue reading