Session report – 15 November 2011

This session report kindly provided by Laurie and Daniel.

The first match of the evening pitted Annie against Peleg for a game of mancala. Neither was entirely sure of the rules but they managed to enjoy the game. Annie emerged victorious.

The main game of the evening was limited to the hour Peleg had to spare. We chose Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, which is geared to two or three players.

Peleg decided to follow his interpretation of Ellis’s strategy. He said he was hoarding cards and then would lay down route after route to win the game. Laurie opened the game by laying down the nine-train Murmansk-Lieska route for 27 points. Laurie hesitated to take more route cards after completing her two destination tickets. Daniel, however, went for broke and kept two of the destination cards he drew, even though he wasn’t near Helsinki. Once he got there, he decided to draw even more cards, ending the game with six destination cards altogether.

Laurie played out random routes to use up her trains, but the game came to a sudden end when Peleg’s workload beckoned. He had started playing routes from his enormous hand of cards a couple of rounds before we ended the game, but finished the game 20 and 30 points behind Laurie and Daniel, respectively. When we totalled up the score, Daniel ended the game with nine more points than Laurie, having won the Globetrotter card for his six completed routes.

It was a fast-paced session, without significant blocking, but it’s a tight map with considerable building challenges that everyone enjoyed.