This post is by Susan.

Dateline: 15 November 2011.Tonight is totally weird. Here I am, waiting at the airport [Ben Gurion] to pick up my daughter. You’re saying: “That’s not weird. I am sure that you have done that before.” and I would reply that I certainly have. However, I certainly have never before waited for my daughter as she became a new citizen in a new country. What a thrill. What an adventure! She is in her twenties; ready to start a new life with enthusiasm, verve and vigor.

However, the weirdest part of it all, is that I am waiting for her in this new country. Not only am I waiting for her in this new country, but I am also a citizen of this new country – a relatively new citizen of this relatively new country, who is also looking forward to continuing her new adventure of her relatively old life, in her relatively new country with her amazing family (all now, brave, mad and crazy Israeli citizens).

Be sure to know this: you never know what is ahead of you, and the world is indeed your oyster!