You know you’re in Israel when…

This year's model

Wednesday night (tonight) is the start of Sukkot. Tuesday was the last day of work before the holiday break. In the lobby outside the work canteen, on most Thursdays or the last working day before holidays, the company allows selected merchants to offer their wares. For example, before Rosh Hashanah, there was a wine merchant, as well as the more usual cake and biscuit stall, plants, flowers and vegetables. (I think the wine merchant loaded the odds against a successful outing by offering too many non-kosher wines and too high prices. But that is another story.) So, this last day before Sukkot, it was the turn of the lulav and etrog sellers. Another first for me, to see people at their lunch break browsing, looking to select a fine set of lulav and etrog. These little moments are magical.

"You can have any color you want, so long as it is yellow."

Chag Sameach to those who celebrate Sukkot. And Happy Shaking!