Session Report – 25 October 2011

Avraham hosted a bumper session which was so full I ended up playing Ticket to Ride on the floor. It was an omen of things to come. It was a four handed game, using the USA 1910 Card Set. I kept three tickets, completed the routes, and finished the game as fast as I could. I was well in the lead with Ben, Peleg and YSWNIF* trailing.

We did the scoring and I increased my lead. I was happy. Ben did his scoring next and couldn’t get close. I was happier. Then Saarya went next. He had picked up a ton of tickets. To add insult to injury, he had completed them all and overtook my score by a good stretch. Oh well, I was 2nd. Then Peleg did the same trick, just not enough to win, but easily getting into second place. I was definitely not happy. And my back hurt from sitting on the floor. I played my tired, grumpy old man card. and went home… Well done Saarya, though.