Session Report – 20 September 2011

Yehuda’s favorite game is Puerto Rico and this week he showed Ben, Laurie and me how to play it. As Ben and I had played it before, but Laurie was a first timer, Yehuda graciously offered Laurie solid advice on how to progress. I am sure it was entirely coincidental that such advice had the effect of crushing my position and Ben’s… ok, that’s an exaggeration, but given Laurie’s constant complaints about how difficult it was to remember how things worked in the game, her second place finish – a whisker behind Yehuda – was remarkable. I don’t think I will ever rush to play poker with these guys.

At the other table, Abraham won at Settlers of Catan. I didn’t see much of the action, but I heard plenty of it as their trading was loud, boisterous and, occasionally, hilarious. It was great to watch – to see people having fun. That is, after all, what it’s about. Winning? That’s what you get when you take part!