By the light…

…of the silvery moon. This post falls into the category of stuff I would never have done in Scotland.

This week, Susan and I went a night time hike, with only the moonlight for illumination. We were walking in Rabin Park, near Jerusalem, starting at a high point and making a circuitous way [up and] down to the Machal Memorial off Road 38, near Bet Shemesh. The ground was often rocky and tricky, interspersed with some stretches of easy trail. We had many amazing views of the surrounding area, including the traffic making its way to and from Jerusalem.

The idea came from a work colleague. I would never have thought of it. But, as soon as he mentioned it, I thought it sounded like a fun idea. Something to try. He did all the arrangements, including setting the timetable that we even managed to keep! There were seven of us, with a distinct absence of spring chickens. However, the pace was sprightly.

On the night, at times it was a surreal experience, and I stopped often to take in the details. The light wasn’t strong enough to show up colors, so it was like moving around in a black and white world. Of course, the light was also not good enough to see all the detail of the ground in front of your eyes, so it was a wee bit tricky in places. Some spots of gravel and sand caused a few slips and a couple of minor falls, but nothing serious.

Our shoes crunched into the ground. The smell of pine was in the air. We drank our water. We swapped stories about the ’48 War of Independence, and the bitter. bloody battles fought over the supplies into Jerusalem. And we walked in the footsteps of heroes.

One to remember.