When in Israel…

With thanks to Ephraim Borowski for spotting this, another picture in the “you couldn’t make it up” series.

Jachnun Bar

And I thought I was in Jerusalem...

This is an advert for the Jachnun Bar restaurant in Israel. Jachnun is a traditional Jewish dish (Yemenite?) made of dough, and served up looking like rolled pastry, often with a tomato based dip, a hard boiled egg and skoog (a spicy sauce). It is not a dish approved for regular consumption by the Israeli Heart Association.

Their advertising says: “”When in Rome act as Roman. Come try our traditional Israeli Yemen food.”

Something a bit odd about that, don’t you think? Talk about “mixed metaphors” or mangled marketing.

It’s a shame the restaurant couldn’t be bothered to find someone who really knew English to do their marketing strapline. From another perspective, maybe a bit of historical insight would have been good too; I doubt there are many in the Jewish world who would see a comparison to Rome as being something positive.