Meet the babysitters

Nicola has been known to knock people out. In her job. In her professional capacity. No, she's not a boxer...

When the girls were young, we had one particular babysitter who gave an extra degree of assurance to us parents. She was young, smart, hard-working and responsible. She looked after the girls well, and they seemed to like her. What else could we ask for? What else could we expect? The surprise part of the package was that Nicola, the babysitter, was a medical student. And, as she progressed through her medical studies, we parents shared in her growing medical knowledge and skills; “shared” in the sense that – heaven forbid – if there were an accident in the house, or one of the girls became ill, we had the best of medical help right at hand! What an added comfort. Thankfully, it never came to anything, and the toughest medical challenge Nicola faced while babysitting the girls was, probably, wiping the smile off her face at the girls’ antics. Or, trying to find the sticking plaster.

We formed such a good relationship that we have kept in touch with Nicola (and the other way round) and so we sort of shared, vicariously, in her rise up the medical career ladder, and her marriage and settling down in the wet and windy place they call “England”. Ah well; you cannot win them all!

We have met Nicola on a couple of her trips to Israel – for business and pleasure – the most recent of which was last week.

Three Musketters

The 3 Musketeers

We met at a Tel Aviv hotel, dined at a sushi place, and then strode off to Jaffa Railway Station [see, also: “Israel Calling” PDF issue 16] for an art show.

The art show was the graduation of some local artists, one of whom had invited us along. As we had planned the art show visit before we knew about Nicola being in town, we simply asked Nicola if she wanted to come along, and she readily agreed. So, the Simpsons and Nicola went to the art show.

We went to see the work of Ayelet. Although neither Ayelet nor Nicola knew beforehand, they were (and now, are) very connected. Nicola babysat for Sarah-Lee and Lori. Sarah-Lee babysits for Ayelet’s kids! So, Ayelet could praise Nicola for the impression she had made on Sarah-Lee – given the good job she was doing with Ayelet’s kids.

One of Ayelet's works

A piece by Ayelet

The venue was decked out in some of the work from the graduating artists, mostly oil on canvas with a few interesting pieces of sculpture. Pride of place – center of the hall – went to Ayelet’s pieces. (The art establishment must like her work, and I can understand why.)

Ayelet, in front of one of her works, with a fan. Or bodyguard. Or critic. Or hanger on. Or, you (er) get the picture?

It must have been a great moment for Ayelet, and she kindly thanked us for being there to share in it. Ayelet, we want you to become a famous, succesful artist! How could we not support you?

Four musketeers

Four stars, shining brightly

We ended the night with a fine walk back in the cooling night air to Nicola’s hotel, and a drive home to the peace and quiet of Ra’anana.

You can click here if you want to see a selection of the works on display.