Rioting in Britain; one man’s explanation

I received this explanation of the week’s rioting in Britain (or, should that be “England”?) from Brian Stern:

I think the phrase “window of opportunity” has been misintepreted by some in England.

To put it another way: it was window shopping, but not as we know it, Jim!

If you want a more serious discussion on the topic, I recommend this thoughtful piece. I’m not saying I agree with the post, but I found it and the accompanying comments worth reading.

Herzliya Marina

I finally managed to get my camera and tripod out to Herzliya Marina at night, and take some pictures. Susan was my willing assistant, so she gets half the credit if they are any good!

It was an experimental session for me, as I have never been able to spend the time with my camera and manual that I should have. So, I know I need to improve my technique. It’s on the to do list. (I also now know that if I want to take pictures at night, I really need to be familiar with where the camera controls are, or bring a torch. I think I’ll bring a torch next time…)

You can click here to see some of the pictures. All pictures are as taken; no PhotoShop or other tweaks or adjustment.

Meet the babysitters

Nicola has been known to knock people out. In her job. In her professional capacity. No, she's not a boxer...

When the girls were young, we had one particular babysitter who gave an extra degree of assurance to us parents. She was young, smart, hard-working and responsible. She looked after the girls well, and they seemed to like her. What else could we ask for? What else could we expect? Continue reading