Session Report – 5 July 2011

Not a winning position...

Back to Tuesday night. We had six players and decided to play 7 Wonders. Two of the players – Laurie and Daniel – were new to the game, though had heard about it. Laurie complained that the coverage on BoardGameGeek was all “nice pictures”, but there were actually rules to learn! After the rules explanation, we started playing, and the game went quite smoothly.

About half way through the first Age, Daniel was (apparently) puzzling over what card to choose. He looked to be really struggling. I suggested to him that, although there was no doubt he was a very clever person, it wasn’t possible to work out all the interactions in a game like 7 Wonders. Therefore, he should just play the game, and learn it by playing. Keep that exchange in mind.

At my end of the table, Asaf and I came up (separately) with a brilliant new strategy of building as many resources as possible in the early rounds. Unfortunately, that strategy was only brilliant in our minds, as we cleverly forgot to take note of what our neighbours had, and ended up seriously short of key resources. We spent too many rounds burning cards for cash.

Peleg was stuck between Abraham and Daniel, both reasonable military powers, and never dug himself out of that hole. Laurie, slowly but carefully, built up a good production base and followed it with a flow of blue victory point cards.

At the end it looked like Abraham had won with a good selection of Guilds. But, surprisingly, he lost out to both Laurie and Daniel – the two newcomers securing first and second place. Laurie was runner up with 52 points, a massive 29 accumulated through her blue card purchases. Daniel squeezed her out and won the game with 54 points. Looking back, he had put together just enough of a military power to claim maximum points for that in each Age, and that had made the difference. Poor Abraham came in third with a creditable 46 points. Asaf, Peleg and I were not in contention.

Well done to both Daniel and Laurie for such a smashing result. Everyone (except Peleg) enjoyed it, so we will probably play it again; it’s perfect for 5, 6 or 7 players. I’m hopeful we can maybe get enough players to run two games of something, though, so poor Peleg doesn’t have to suffer this any more.

One last thing. Given my earlier advice to Daniel, I have decided to give him one more piece of advice: never take any advice from me!

Next up was Acquire which was new to Laurie, Daniel and Asaf. The short version of the story of this game is that I drew all the tiles I needed, when I needed them. But, even more satisfying, Abraham found himself obliged to play similar tiles, instigating takeovers that were greatly beneficial to me. I clocked up an awesome score, though Abraham was clear in second place, well ahead of the rest. While everyone enjoyed it, I got the impression the preference was for 7 Wonders for that number of players. Maybe I need to get more games for 5-7 players… It was a good night; thanks to everyone for coming and helping make it so.