Session Report – 12 July 2011


Marina, Moshe and Shlomi unlock the Antike rules

This week a record attendance played a wide selection of games. And we have two guest writers.

Marina’s Report

First, here is Marina’s report about what went on at her table:

“We were 4 players. At first Shlomi wanted to play Genoa, but Matan said he already played it and didn’t like it. We decided to play 7 Wonders instead.

We spent most of the first age studying the iconography and rules of the game. Matan had a very strong first age, with a lead on Shlomi and Moshe in military forces. He gained it by his second, military related, upgrade to his wonder. We all ignored the loom and papyrus resources, and by the third age we discovered it was a huge mistake, because it greatly decreased the amount of cards that we could build in this age.

Moshe ended up winning the game with 44 points, most of them due to the blue victory point cards he chose. Matan was second with 40 points, Shlomi was third with 34 points and I was last with 28 points.

A very nice and enjoyable game, although I felt most of it depended on luck.

We chose the next game – Antike – randomly. It took us a while to understand some of the rules, but when we did, the game flowed very smoothly.

Moshe and Matan had a costly confrontation over the Mediterranean Sea, leaving Moshe almost powerless. While the boys were at war, I gained victory points by building 6 temples and buying most of the technologies first. Eventually, 3 of those temples were destroyed by the rest of the players. Shlomi slowly developed during the game and attacked Matan, who was mostly focusing on a naval power, from the land. While Shlomi, Matan and I were struggling to gain the last victory points, Moshe came back with great force. He gained a lot victory points quickly and almost caught up.

Surprisingly, I noticed I had 7 sea areas with ships and this brought me the last victory point I needed to win the game. Shlomi and Matan were very close, but came in second and Moshe was last.

It was a very entertaining and enjoyable game, although it dragged a little when we were fighting for the last victory points.”

Abraham’s Report

And now, our guest Abraham shares his experiences:

Dominion. Players: Hilik, Laurie, Daniel and me, Avraham.


Avraham, Laurie and Daniel work out what to do next.

We played with the “First Game” recommended set as this was Laurie’s first game. Everyone went for a different deck engine. Hilik’s was based on Smithy/Village/Mine. Laurie bought a wide variety of cards as she explored how to play. Daniel purchased mostly Remodel cards to continuously improve his deck. I unselfishly started out with a Militia, purely for the benefit of my fellow players, in order to educate them about the value of Moats. I followed up the Militia with mostly Treasure cards and Markets. As the game progressed, Villages and Markets became increasingly popular and ran out. Just as everyone was almost ready to start using their engine to claim points, Daniel bought the second-to-last Remodel card right before my turn. I bought the final Remodel card to end the game, and with the extra buys from my Markets, also bought a Duchy and an Estate, winning the game with a grand total of 7.

Alhambra. Players: Me again – Avraham, as well as Hilik, Laurie, and Daniel.


Abraham explains Alhambra: "And this is how you win..."

First play for everyone except for me. To start off, I explained the rules, and shared a bit of important strategic advice in this game: that buying tiles for an exact amount to get the extra action bonus is very powerful, which everyone took to heart. I diversified in colors with a medium-length wall, and managed to stay on top in blue and white tiles at the end. Hilik focused on the expensive purple and green tiles and also kept a decent-sized wall. Hilik didn’t have any problem keeping the majority in the green tiles, but got a lot of competition in purple from Laurie and myself. Laurie deftly claimed first place in purple, and red as well, but was hampered in her tile placements by her Alhambra structure. Daniel guaranteed himself a majority in brown early on in the game, maintained a good wall, and took a fortune in money from his extra actions, but a good amount of his money was unspent at the end of the game. A well-played game by all, but I managed to squeeze out a victory by five points over Hilik, with Daniel and Laurie not too far behind.”

Thanks for the reports Marina and Abraham. Now, mine.

I played two scenarios of the new Nightfighter wargame from GMT, about aerial nighttime combat in WW2. It’s an unusual design, with two maps and real fog of war. One person is the umpire, who brings in the attacking bombers, and works out how successful his opponent – the Player – is, with his searchlights, radars and, of course, his nightfighter combat aircraft. The umpire can see both maps, but the Player may only see his own. So the Player is frantically trying to work out where the bombers are, and to hunt them down. I was the umpire for both scenarios. In the first, it was Wellington bombers against a Ju88. Peleg shot down 2 of the Wellingtons for a decisive victory. In the second, it was American B-29 bombers against a Japanese Ki45 KA1c Toryu (so there!) and Peleg won again but only shot down 1 bomber this time.


Peleg should look happier; his Ju88 has just shot down a Wellington bomber!

It’s a tense game. Tense for the Player as he races against time to locate the targets. It’s a struggle for the umpire who can see and knows everything – and has little flexibility – to play the game without giving away any hints. Peleg was very suv=ccessful early on in both games with his radar searches , and from there he ruthlessly exploited that information. I am sure we wil get more of this.

Two more games. Peleg crushed me at Lost Cities and then he and I lost out to Avraham in a 3 way game of Dominion.

A great night. I hope everyone else enjoyed themselves as much as me.