Passing the baton

Almost exactly two years ago to the hour, Susan and I made aliyah. To put it briefly, in many ways we turned our lives upside down: from the change in the weather, to the change in language, and from the change in culture, to the change in how it feels to be Jewish in the Jewish State. But, trying to take each day as part of a continuing adventure, we have made continual progress and reckon we’ve done well. It’s not all been plain sailing, but we look back – on balance – with pride, and we look forward with complete confidence. This is where our life is, and we intend to make the best of it.

Funnily enough, today was also the day a part of the aliyah experience turned full circle. When we came, we spent a lot of time speaking to other olim (immigrants) who had been here before us. Some were family, some were friends, most were complete strangers. Without exception, they gladly offered advice, shared experiences, and generally tried to be as helpful as they could. Today, I was asked to speak to a newly arrived immigrant about my experiences in the workplace. It was my turn to give advice; the baton had been passed on. It felt good to have relevant experiences to share, and to be able to offer hints and answer queries knowing exactly what the questioner was going through, and what lies ahead. Once he’s been here a couple of years, it will be his turn, probably. And so it goes.