Session Report – 31 May 2011

We started with 6 players and a game of Dominion using cards from the Intrigue expansion. I think everyone had played this at least once, and we made reasonably quick progress. To my surprise, I sneaked a one point victory ahead of Steven.

Next up, 7 Wonders. Michael had been doing a bit of homework about the game, and it paid off with a finely timed victory. His 34 science card victory points was the clincher. I just managed second place ahead of Steven, my 18 military victory points compared to his -6 being decisive. Marcus, who was the only first time player, came in a highly commendable fourth.

We finished with a four player game of the classic Acquire. It was definitely my night because everything went right: I drew the chits I needed and managed the takeovers when it best suited me. (Sorry, Michael.) Martin got off to a great start, but with my luck I was slowly able to catch him and get a decent combination of shares and cash. Steven built up good holdings in some of the smaller chains, but it was just not quite enough and so I was able to claim the win by a measly few hundred pounds.

Another great night’s gaming. Thank you, guys.