Session Report – 14 June 2011

Medici vs Strozzi

"These monopolies will get you in the end..."

Since lots of people had important rallies, weddings and meetings to attend, it was down to Abraham and I alone to kick things off tonight. We started with the excellent two player game Medici vs Strozzi which is (you may have guessed) a cut down version of Medici. Each player is filling his ships with goods, just like the original. The key difference is that there are three ships to fill, three ports to choose, and the pricing choices are a lot tougher. Over the three rounds I built a good lead in the first which Abraham could not claw back, though he tried valiantly. I dare say if we played it again, he would do better.

Then Peleg – our star pianist – arrived, fresh from his concert appearance. That meant we could switch to something else. After a debate, we settled on Dominion. Peleg had a Village/Remodel/Mine combination which worked well, but not as well as he would like. He was badly undone by some horrendous luck. I, on the other hand, was screwing up my Mine/Throne Room/Bureaucrat combination. It worked ok, but couldn’t deliver fast enough. Besides, both of our plans melted like snow in the face of Abraham’s awesome Village/Throne Room/Witch combination. Peleg and I picked up 8 curses and that, alone, doomed us. It was fun, though. I think I still prefer the base game as the expansions seem to be too powerful for my taste.

Lastly, a mention for Susan the perfect hostess. Thank you!

Session Report – 31 May 2011

We started with 6 players and a game of Dominion using cards from the Intrigue expansion. I think everyone had played this at least once, and we made reasonably quick progress. To my surprise, I sneaked a one point victory ahead of Steven.

Next up, 7 Wonders. Michael had been doing a bit of homework about the game, and it paid off with a finely timed victory. His 34 science card victory points was the clincher. I just managed second place ahead of Steven, my 18 military victory points compared to his -6 being decisive. Marcus, who was the only first time player, came in a highly commendable fourth.

We finished with a four player game of the classic Acquire. It was definitely my night because everything went right: I drew the chits I needed and managed the takeovers when it best suited me. (Sorry, Michael.) Martin got off to a great start, but with my luck I was slowly able to catch him and get a decent combination of shares and cash. Steven built up good holdings in some of the smaller chains, but it was just not quite enough and so I was able to claim the win by a measly few hundred pounds.

Another great night’s gaming. Thank you, guys.