Session Report – 26 May 2011

So, here I am in sunny Glasgow, and my gaming colleagues have kindly set up a games session so I can continue to get my fix.

We start with seven players and 7 Wonders. Everyone, except Jeff, has played it before. After a quick run through the rules, off we go. Michael and Peter have the only water resource, but don’t capitalize on that and get stuck with not enough resources.  Martin and I are equally short of resources and pose no threat to the ever strengthening assets of Steven, Jeff and Ian. In the last couple of sets of card play, however, Ian does enough to give him the winning edge with a score of 55 points. Jeff’s performance is remarkable, considering he hasn’t played it before. 

Since Peter is flying to China in 5 hours, we kindly let him choose the next game, and it is one of his favorites: Citadels; We use the bonus buildings for a bit of variety. Steven draws the card allowing him to end the game after the seventh district, which he does. Then, I build the seventh district and win the game! Steven, Ian and Michael are in a triple tie for second place. The other players didn’t do so well…

Thanks for a great night guys. Almost like the old days. But we missed you, Brian.