Session Report – 17 May 2011

Red wins

Red wins!

Tonight we had time for two games. First, Ticket to Ride Europe and then Dominion.

Ticket to Ride Europe is a nice, easy to play, game which strikes a good balance between luck and skill. Most importantly, it’s fun and is an excellent introduction to the hobby. Tonight, newcomer Asaf, picked up the game quickly, but made a bad choice of which starting tickets to keep. (Note to self: perhaps offer more help for new players!) Peleg was his usal focused self, but just couldn’t keep pace with Abraham or I, as we seemed to get the cards we wanted, when we wanted. There was only a single point of difference between Abraham and I, before the scoring for the longest train, but those 10 points were mine and gave me the win. Hooray! I have almost forgiven Abraham for stealing my 8 card, 21 point, route build. Almost.

Dominion was also a first time experience for Asaf, so we will call it a training game. Or, to put it another way, Peleg won…