The secret story of the Jewish codebreakers who helped win the war

The Jewish Chronicle has a very interesting article on this topic by Robert Hannigan, the Director of GCHQ. As he says:

“I rarely write in public. But the death of Rolf Noskwith earlier this month, at the age of 97, prompts me to tell the story of our remarkable group of Jewish staff at Bletchley Park during the Second World War and the years that followed.”

Apart from the historical narrative, note the confirmation of the close connection between the British and Israel signals intelligence communities. Read it all here.

For your edification

Some new or relatively new blogs and sites on my current list which you may enjoy:

BBC Watch  Now, this could be interesting, indeed. BBC Watch will be “Monitoring BBC coverage of Israel for accuracy and impartiality.” A brother site to the excellent CiFWatch, I expect fireworks.

Ask Herzl Billed as “an online community for Israel activists to share programs and strategies,” this looks like an excellent idea which is being implemented well.

Joe’s Israel This is a social media based pro-Israel project, intended to empower students to be able to have an intelligent dialogue about Israel. It’s very different and well worth a look, whether or not you are a student.

Friends in Fresno

From in a post called Some Things I Believe:

I am a Zionist.

That means that I support a Jewish state in its historical homeland. I oppose efforts to change it into another Arab state, or to kill and disperse its Jewish inhabitants. It does not mean that I think that Jews are superior to Arabs or anyone else.

It makes sense to me to talk about a Jewish people, and feel myself a part of it.

I believe that if the state of Israel were to disappear, it would unleash a wave of anti-Jewish violence in the diaspora, and the Jewish people as such would shortly cease to exist.

I am not ashamed of the circumstances of Israel’s birth, because I don’t accept the tissue of lies called the “Palestinian narrative.” If the Palestinian Arabs have been victimized, it’s been by their leadership and the Arab nations, not Israel. Continue reading