European Parliamentary Transparency

This, from Guido Fawkes:

The EU has again blocked the publication of MEPs’ expenses, with Euro-judges today quashing a three-year battle by journalists to get the documents published after the European Parliament itself previously refused to hand over any details. The judges in the ECJ’s sister court ruled that the Parliament was right not to publish the documents as it would enable the MEPs to be individually identified.

Transparency? That’s so un-European

Read the whole thing, here.


Treif deals by United Torah Judaism and Bayit Yehudi

From Ynet:


Click the image to read the whole story, and try not to get too upset.

As I tweeted:

“When was lining your own pockets a part of Judaism?”

The parties concerned should be ashamed. That is no example to set.

I can only hope that AG Weinstein is successful in ensuring there is total transparency and accountability for this public money.