Summer time, and the weather is…

It has been unusually warm in Scotland this Summer. At one point, it even threatened to be warmer in Glasgow than in Ra’anana.

Not only did the Scots have a good time while the sun shone, some of them took the opportunity to do a bit of campaigning for the Scots dialect with this alternative Scottish weather forecast. It’s a wee bit rude, but really only a wee bit.

[Thanks to Susan for putting me on to this. Brave souls wanting to see and hear what a Gaelic weather forecast is like, should go here.]

Like waiting for a bus

But you can ignore those already on the road...

But you can ignore those already on the road…

Susan and I had a weekend break in Eilat. It was a very restful Shabbat, with a nice twist.

Picture the scene: you are in a hotel, in Eilat, in mid February. How many fellow Scots do you expect to meet? Answer: none. But we did meet one! One of the management team at the hotel, it turns out, is also a former Glaswegian and pupil of Calderwood Lodge Primary School. What a small world.

How can I top that? We met two! On Shabbat we met a young family coming up the stairs, led by their toddler son, showing off his stair climbing prowess. As he made it to the summit, Susan congratulated him enthusiastically. At this point the father, picking up Susan’s accent, said: “Are you from Glasgow?” Actually, I think he was a bit shocked. Yes, he was a Glaswegian, too, and his wife the daughter of Glaswegians so she gets to count as well.

Those Glasgow encounters put a little of something special into the weekend mix. Hope you had a good one.

Shavuah Tov!