Postal blues

The Times of Israel has this:

Israelis go postal over failing mail system, but it could be a lot worse

Worse? Really?

Oh yes:

An international study ranked the Israel Postal Company 35th out of 159 countries, behind the US and Algeria but ahead of France and the UK


While I am highly skeptical of the Israeli ranking, maybe I am not objective enough. My experiences in Ra’anana have been bad, bad, and bad. And then some more bad. The Post Office is too small, there are not enough tellers, and items take far too long to get through the system. And don’t get me started about the queues and how not to introduce a ticketing system…

But, back to the article:

Just how bad is Israel’s postal system? Pretty bad, if you judge from posts on Israeli social media.

“Is this Russia in 1991 or Israel in 2015?” reads one post accompanied by a photo of a long line outside a post office.

An image of a turtle posted December 6 with the words, “You buy clothes for a 3-year-old girl and get them when she turns 4,” was liked over 12,000 times.

Comedian Gadi Wilcherski recently camped out in a post office with a tent, sleeping bag and barbecue to protest the long lines.

Despite this, Next is doing a lot of business in Israel. So is AliExpress:

…Maya Avishai, the post office spokeswoman, singled out Next and AliExpress as companies that send a huge volume of packages to Israel.

“We’ve seen a 40 percent increase in packages from Next,” she says, “and people buy all kinds of things related to cell phones from AliExpress.”

Read it all, here, and make your own mind up. But I suggest you email me any comments, rather than post them…

The problem with the postal service – in two pictures

Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your consideration the first picture:

Private Eye - Published 2 October 2015

Private Eye – Published 2 October 2015

The 2 October issue arrived today, 1 November 2015.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now present for your consideration the second picture:

Private Eye

Private Eye – Published 16 October 2015

The 16 October issue also arrived today, 1 November 2015.

And there you have the problem with the postal service, neatly summarized in these two pictures.

Somehow or other, one magazine took around 30 days, and the other took around 16 days. Both were making the same journey. How is that possible without something being seriously wrong? But where? Did the delay happen en route to Israel, or en route to Ra’anana? What do you think?

I have one advantage: I have seen fairly up close and personal how the Israeli postal service struggles… Thank heaven for the internet!