Intellectual dishonesty of Israel’s critics

[This is a selfish post – more so than normal! – as one aim is to save links to a crucial report and commentary bound to come in handy in future discussions.]

JINSA is the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs. They commissioned a report to assess Operation Protective Edge, asking several retired generals for their opinion. (You know, people who know the odd thing about real combat, and the laws of warfare – as opposed to the crap espoused by the media.)

The Elder of Ziyon’s excellent post about the report (here, including a link to the report) has some great extracts and commentary.

A limited selection follows:

Elder: The authors know the Laws of Armed Conflict far better than the NGOs do. They recognize Hamas’ unique tactics of cynically putting their own civilian population in danger in order to add a public relations dimension to what they call “unrestricted warfare.”

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The enemy within

I don’t claim extensive knowledge of the activities of J Street or the New Israel Fund. But none of what I have seen gives me the impression that they have a warm, close connection with the Israel I live in, love, and know. And knowing some of the people who pour money into these two groups, that does not come as a surprise. However, it takes a clear sighted perspective from the Elder of Ziyon to put this across in an accessible, thoughtful format. Here we are:


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