No Israeli Offer Will Ever Be Good Enough

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Abbas’ dreadful, spiteful, poisonous, antisemitic speech of hate should be seen as a true indication of the character of the man so enthusiastically promoted by many dreamers as a partner for peace. Attila the Hun or Genghis Khan have a better claim to that title. Unfortunately, the situation is now even more of a vacuum: there is no credible Palestinian partner for peace, and there is no credible Israeli alternative plan. If Bibi were a true statesman, this would be the time he would rise to the occasion. But I am not optimistic. It wouldn’t be easy, but – in the words of Dov Lipman – we have to try, because we need to be able to look our kids in the face and tell them we did at least that. The size of the challenge can be measured by this closing comment from the ever excellent David Horovitz in his article Abbas couldn’t make peace with the Jews; he believes his own lies about us:

“The UN can vote itself blue in the face against Israel. Foolish nations can unilaterally recognize Palestinian statehood — to the detriment of the Palestinians, since such “support” merely deepens their obduracy. But the only route to Palestinian independence runs via a negotiated settlement with Israel.

The Olmert offer of a decade ago showed how far Israel was prepared to go to partner the Palestinians to statehood. The despicable, tragic, self-defeating Abbas speech of Sunday night showed that so long as the Palestinians blind themselves to the fact of Israel’s legitimacy, no Israeli offer is going to be good enough.”

Note this key element:

“so long as the Palestinians blind themselves to the fact of Israel’s legitimacy”

If that analysis is right – and I am inclined to agree – where is the change in Palestinian attitudes going to come from? I cannot see it. Perhaps the ground level, grass-roots initiatives that (almost unbelievably) are working and building real connections between the communities, will create something. Beyond that, what else is there? Who can make the Palestinians see sense?

Why June 13th?

"What a difference a day makes. Twenty four little hours." [Source: Wikimedia]

“What a difference a day makes. Twenty four little hours.” [Source: Wikimedia]

Palestine is accepting the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court (the ICC) with retrospective application from 13 June 2014.

When I heard that it was backdated, I thought the timing was familiar. The Elder has confirmed it:

Why is the application requesting it to be effective retroactively to June 13, 2014?

Because on June 12, 2014, Palestinian Arab terrorists kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teens, Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaer, and Eyal Yifrah, from the supposed territory of “Palestine” which they claim to be part of “Palestine.”

Which is a war crime under the Rome Statute.

So Mahmoud Abbas is saying that the application should only be retroactive to June 13, when Israeli forces started to frantically look for the teens still hoped to be alive. Because he isn’t interested in justice – but he is interested in protecting his Hamas partner from being indicted for a war crime that they brag about..

The cynicism is breathtaking.

Not that Mahmoud Abbas is alone in this cynical use of dates to frame Israel as being guilty of war crimes without context.

The exact same thing was done by William Schabas, chair of the UNHRC investigation into the events of last summer – a mandate that explicitly excludes the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens but that includes Israel’s response to the kidnappings by choosing to only investigate events from June 13th. .

Cynicism is one way of describing the timing. It’s unprincipled, and hateful.

How many of Palestine’s supporters will acknowledge there is even an issue? How many will call on Abbas to change the date to June 12th – or earlier? How many? None.